Showreel 2014(updated)

27 June 2009

first impression!

Woohoo! I finally got accepted by Animation Mentor, and I will start in Sep.

During the whole week of waiting and struggling, finally I did it.

I started writing the essay on the enrollment sheet on this Tue. On the second day they sent me a Wonderlic test, basically its an online test testing english skill and math skill, and you need to answer maximum 30 questions. Well, I only did 16 or so, time went out quicker than you can imagine. But I thought I did well in previous questions.

the next step is to get the proof from my university which can prove my completion of university, and fee.

please sign me a good mentor to start with.

Unfortunately, JASON SCHLEIFER is no longer a part of mentors. Well they still have some other good ones tho.

So make myself fingers crossed!