Showreel 2014(updated)

05 December 2009

Week 10 walk with personality

this week is about walk with personality, well, I had a crazy week, went to city every day since monday looking for an apartment or something...
I only had today working on all my assignments, spent 6-7 hours working on all this, now its the time to lay back and enjoy a movie......

first off, a pose, the theme for this week is Exhausted. here we go..

please excuse the water mark..

Week 9 stuff

save place for week 9, be back with it soon.....

22 November 2009

Week 8 stuff

for this week, walk cycle in step mode, and a pose of physical strength. Also I made a brand new Tailor animation as revised version of last week assignment since my mentor didn't like mine.

Please allow me not to upload my planning drawings.

13 November 2009

Week 7

waaa,what?! week 7 already... it's already half way thru the class 1.
but yeah, anyway, this week we had to choose either Tailor or one leg to animate up to 120 frames.

ok firstly, the planning stage.

Then the final animation.

10 November 2009

a side project I was working on

Hi guys, I just found out this animation hidden in my hard drive for a while, now i want to show you guys hehe, just WIP, still have some small problems tho.
This was a side project I was working on, I made some more animation but this one could be the better ones to show.

credit: rigging and animating were done by me, including tweaking the nCloth.


little girl walks with personality WIP from Nothing Sweet Animation on Vimeo.

07 November 2009

Week 6 pendulum

Hi guys, for this week, we had to make a pendulum animation. well, to be honest, i didnt do exactly what i have been told(the techniques), I made on my own idea, so check it out, i think it works.

animation mentor class 1 week 6 pendulum from Nothing Sweet Animation on Vimeo.

also the thinking process is as following, please excuse the water mark.

01 November 2009

Week 5

It has been a long week for me, holiday trip with my parents up to Cairns, and down to Tasmania for the past 2 weeks, and I barely used the internet too.
But well, I still did what I had to do.
Here we go.

Week 5 from Nothing Sweet Animation on Vimeo.

PS: I'm not be able to upload all my stuff, but something I wanted to show you guys. so yeah, enjoy!!!! also critiques are welcome!

25 October 2009

Week 4

Hi everyone, this is week 4, and I'm in a trip with my parents to Cairns, Australia.
but I will constantly update my blog, video assignment will be uploaded later. just save the slot.
here is the planning.

here is the assignment for week 4

Animation Mentor Week 4 from Nothing Sweet Animation on Vimeo.

13 October 2009

week 3 bouncing ball + excitement pose

Hi there, I just made a bouncing ball. Critiques are welcome.

week 3 bouncing ball from Nothing Sweet Animation on Vimeo.

the theme of the pose for this week is excitement, here we go:

11 October 2009

Week 2 pose-revised!

Ok this revised version looks a lot better than the previous one. I CAN FEEL IT! lol

Couple of notes here, I was asked to bring the toe up a bit on Stu's left foot. Well at the end I didn't do it because for the reality, soccer players (runners too) want to be sure to grab the ground firmly by their feet. So that's why I think bringing up the toes isn't a good idea to represent the sense of action, even tho it might help for the silhouette .

some little adjustments based on the feedback I got. (toes up now!) :D


10 October 2009

Week 2 assignment

Here is the 3D poses I have done for the assignment, I also received some critiques, so I'll try them out. Well, this is just my version. haven't revised yet.

07 October 2009

sketchy week 2

Here are some sketches I did during the day, quite enjoyed it, but my drawings suck, well stick figures are pretty enough for me :D
Location: Macus
critiques are welcome.

06 October 2009


ahh, this is week 2 now, I am getting some work to do for this week. observing people and sketching them are the main archive for this week, going out later on with my sketching book. I reckon it would be fun to watch other people and then quickly jot down the poses.

Mean while, I'm slowly adding my classmates into my buddies list. There are some cool guys and girls in my class, most of them have animation skills, and I am sure I will have a lot to learn from them and AM for sure too ;)

Next goal is to memorise the 12 animation principles,for the future reference when animating.
Principles are important, hmm that's what I learned from the lecture.

29 September 2009

First day of school!

First day at AM, and wow, amazing. I'm totally into this course, the videos, the tools, the people, the posts, I mean OMG, I was so overwhelming by AM this morning. People were posting msg on each new AM student's wall. Also We had a little bit self-introduction at the beginning as we posted group msgs to all the classmates.
I can feel how passionate people are about animation during first 2,3 hours I spent on the website.
Oh, about Q&A session, it's held on Thur morning, I'm not a morning person, but oh well, its 11:30am, so I think I can make it. lol

12 September 2009

AM orientation tour

I just had my orientation tour at I am amazed how AM works, and I watched all the orientation videos and there is only one thing that I really want to say is that AM definitely is the place to be for me and I really look forward to see what's happening in the future.

AM starts in 2-3 weeks, woohoo!

and I also got my AM student badge so i put it here, and it looks awesome, it makes me proud of who I am and what I do. Furthermore I have been encouraged by many people as well, so I am pretty positive at moment, and I just need to wait for one thing-wait AM to blow my mind with those awesome tutorials and communities.

03 July 2009

some new books

I just ordered some books which are going to be used while studying at Animation Mentor such as animator's survival kit and the illusion of life.

I also bought some other books like Drawn to life, Disney nine old men and so on. For the sake of doing animation I am interested in anything related to it. Plus I do want to know a bit more about those legendary stories.

I would definitely enjoy them, well if anyone who can reccommand some more good books on the same area like animation would be great to know.

27 June 2009

first impression!

Woohoo! I finally got accepted by Animation Mentor, and I will start in Sep.

During the whole week of waiting and struggling, finally I did it.

I started writing the essay on the enrollment sheet on this Tue. On the second day they sent me a Wonderlic test, basically its an online test testing english skill and math skill, and you need to answer maximum 30 questions. Well, I only did 16 or so, time went out quicker than you can imagine. But I thought I did well in previous questions.

the next step is to get the proof from my university which can prove my completion of university, and fee.

please sign me a good mentor to start with.

Unfortunately, JASON SCHLEIFER is no longer a part of mentors. Well they still have some other good ones tho.

So make myself fingers crossed!