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03 July 2009

some new books

I just ordered some books which are going to be used while studying at Animation Mentor such as animator's survival kit and the illusion of life.

I also bought some other books like Drawn to life, Disney nine old men and so on. For the sake of doing animation I am interested in anything related to it. Plus I do want to know a bit more about those legendary stories.

I would definitely enjoy them, well if anyone who can reccommand some more good books on the same area like animation would be great to know.


  1. hi, wenny, this is david, i have these books, tho they are ebooks, i can send you, :)

  2. Hi David, thanks for that, I have already got those books from Amazon.


  3. that is cool, have you got that book "Character Animation Crash Course" yet? this book is also awesome, :)

  4. nop, not that one, hehe but i will get it if i need it.