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22 March 2011

AM class 4 week 11 - final

13 March 2011

AM class 4 week 10

06 March 2011

Some thoughts on adding extra frames before and after your shots

Hi guys, after the Q&A last week, I thought about putting this idea here to share with you guys.

It is as to adding extra frames(let's say 10 frames) before and after your shots. It also means you will have to animate that extra 20 frames for the sake of your main shots. This way, it will ensure your shot doesn't have a dead start or dead end, since there are shots before and after yours.

Another important factor is that in this way it will make sure you won't have weird motion blur in the final production, think about your shot end at frame 100, and your character is jumping, so what's going to happen to the motion blur at 100 if there is no more frames after it?(if you know how motion blur is created)