Showreel 2014(updated)

22 November 2009

Week 8 stuff

for this week, walk cycle in step mode, and a pose of physical strength. Also I made a brand new Tailor animation as revised version of last week assignment since my mentor didn't like mine.

Please allow me not to upload my planning drawings.

13 November 2009

Week 7

waaa,what?! week 7 already... it's already half way thru the class 1.
but yeah, anyway, this week we had to choose either Tailor or one leg to animate up to 120 frames.

ok firstly, the planning stage.

Then the final animation.

10 November 2009

a side project I was working on

Hi guys, I just found out this animation hidden in my hard drive for a while, now i want to show you guys hehe, just WIP, still have some small problems tho.
This was a side project I was working on, I made some more animation but this one could be the better ones to show.

credit: rigging and animating were done by me, including tweaking the nCloth.


little girl walks with personality WIP from Nothing Sweet Animation on Vimeo.

07 November 2009

Week 6 pendulum

Hi guys, for this week, we had to make a pendulum animation. well, to be honest, i didnt do exactly what i have been told(the techniques), I made on my own idea, so check it out, i think it works.

animation mentor class 1 week 6 pendulum from Nothing Sweet Animation on Vimeo.

also the thinking process is as following, please excuse the water mark.

01 November 2009

Week 5

It has been a long week for me, holiday trip with my parents up to Cairns, and down to Tasmania for the past 2 weeks, and I barely used the internet too.
But well, I still did what I had to do.
Here we go.

Week 5 from Nothing Sweet Animation on Vimeo.

PS: I'm not be able to upload all my stuff, but something I wanted to show you guys. so yeah, enjoy!!!! also critiques are welcome!