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24 July 2012

RIP Garfieldy

A while back, you passed away. But your spirit and memory will retain on earth.

I remember the first time I saw you, you didn't run away, instead, you came to me, leaned against me, touched me with your tail. You also purred, that was just so cute.

I am a typical dog lover, I used to have cats, but for some reasons they didn't like me, they either ran away or ignored me. I felt generally distant from cats. But you changed my view for cats. They can be fun and lovable as long as you are with the right person. And, yes I AM the right person, I felt so happy. So that made you the first cat who loved me.

They say you would ran away when strangers came, but it was a miracle to see you like this, to me. I also remembered when I was going to leave, you appeared from nowhere and started follow me around. Couldn't take my hands off you when something like that happens.

RIP Garfieldy.

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